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01 May 2008 @ 09:33 pm
Shiny Mewtwo, GEEEET~~~TOOOO !! ~o~ ~o~ ~o~  
I thought I would have to wait until my Japanese year finishes for hunting for it, as Shiny hunting demand a frikkin' lot of time (ask my Emerald's Shiny Pokémons on this one), but...

Apparently, Lady Luck has shone upon me yesterday morning.

I was on the way to my university, and decided to try a little Soft-Resetting session on my Leaf-Green cartridge for Shiny Mewtwo.

After a little more than 100 SRs... A wild Shiny Mewtwo appeared !!!

The fucker was a bitch to capture, though. I was determined to use my Master Ball ONLY if the situation was desperate (i.e. if I had the feeling Mewtwo nearly used all of its PP on all of its attacks, which would be after 75 turns, full paralysis not counted in), so I have prepared myself with a Level 100 Scizor specifically EV trained in HP, Attack and Special Defense, and with False Swipe and Swords Dance, coupled with a Thunder Wave Raichu, in order to weaken it effectively.

The main problem was that Raichu was Level 50 only, so if Mewtwo chose to attack it with Psychic, it would be OHKO'ed. And he didn't failed to do so, and then to Safeguard itself, so I was in to wait for five turns (after restoring Raichu of course) to try Thunder Waving again. Fortunately, Mewtwo used Swift on the switch, then Recover, so Raichu could TW it.
But after that, even with Paralysis and 1 HP left (False Swiped it each time it used Recover), it took me 35 Ultra Balls and 5 Chrono Balls, before I could get him with a Chrono Ball, and Full Paralysis rarely kicked it, so I had to use around 5 Full Restore on Scizor to keep up. Yeah, not as terrible as you would think, but friggin' annoying and heartpounding (as it was a Shiny I tried to capture there).

So... SHINY MEWTWO, GETTO !!! ~o~ ~o~ ~o~

Here's a few pics of it.

I sure had to pay a severe price to get that Mewtwo to be Shiny. It has an Impish nature (+DEF, -SP.ATT), and its IVs are :

HP: 10
Att: 8
Def: 15
SpA: 31
SpD: 16
Speed: 0

A Mewtwo with 0 Speed IV, and 31 Sp. Att IV to go along a Sp. Att-lowering Nature ? Yes please ! /sarcasm

That being said, I won't complain, as Shiny Pokémon is Shiny, and Mewtwo is banned in Emerald's Battle Frontier and XD's Orre Colosseum anyway. (And I don't use Ubers and Legendaries against human players). So I really wanted Shiny Mewtwo for collector value only, and as such got exactly what I wanted. "~^

While I was at taking photos for Shiny Mewtwo, I thought it would be nice to show you pics of all my other Shinies.
You've already seen my Shiny Salamence a few days ago (see entry of Monday, April 21st, 2008 for him). Here are the others :

Shiny Zigzatoon (Jolly Nature). The very first Shiny I got. Captured it after 600 hours (!!) of play on Ruby.

Shiny Ditto (Bashful Nature). My second Shiny, and probably my most prized one along with Shiny Salamence. Caught it on Fire Red.

Shiny Weedle (Naive Nature). My third Shiny, and the fastest Shiny to appear in my games : it appeared after only 1 hour of play on Leaf Green ! I just got my six Pokéballs from Pr. Oak, and began to explore Virian Forest when it showed up. Didn't want to risk a critical hit, so I decided to directly throw at him two or three Pokballs at it before trying to damage it. Was right to do so, as the first Pokéball I threw was the one which captured it. :)

Shiny Wurmple (Quiet Nature). Fourth Shiny, and the first I got on Emerald, after more than 100000 wild Pokémon battles. Was uber happy when it finally showed up ! ^^
I leveled up with a few Rare Candies, then resetted without saving, so I could see in which evolution road it went while keeping it as a Wurmple. It evolved into a Beautifly.

Shiny Crobat (Naive Nature). Shiny n°5, got it as a Golbat in Emerald's Meteor Site while I was on the quest for a Shiny Bagon.

Shiny Golbat (Careful Nature). Shiny n°7, got it after Shiny Bagon (who became later Narga, my Shiny Salamence) in Emerald's Meteor Site. Decided to evolve and EV train Shiny Naive Golbat over this one as it had a better nature and slightly better IVs.

Note how all my Trainer's names are inspired from some of my favourite FE characters. ^^

It's too bad I already have captured long ago all Legendary Pokémon on all my cartridges, as I would have SRed for their Shiny versions. Oh well, I'll live with it. "~^
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Manna: Lanturn- Just for joyhooves on May 1st, 2008 09:14 pm (UTC)
Ohh, very cool1 *Applauds* ^_^
AceNoctali: florinaacenoctali on May 1st, 2008 10:00 pm (UTC)
Thankies !! ~o~