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01 April 2009 @ 10:01 pm
As I announce earlier this day, the second part of my Saki playthrough of Tokimeki Memorial Tokkae Dama is now subbed. Now you can see in English Saki's cute Good Ending in this game ! :p

You can find this vid, as well as the first part of the playthrough (which is subbed as well) in my Youtube Account.

I hope you'll enjoy both the vid and the sub ! ;)
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This is probably where LittleKuriboh found his inspiration for his famous "Screw the Rules" line, lol XD
And you've got a female version of Inui (from Prince of Tennis) inside as well. XD

I also posted, among all the new vid, a full storyline playthrough of Tokimeki Memorial Taisen Tokkae Dama, a rather unknown but fun Puzzle Game. Check this, and all the vids, at my Youtube Account.

I'm working on subbing the Tokkae Dama playthrough, and this far I completed the first part. Second part will hopefully come later in this day. I hope these subs will allow you to enjoy the viewing of the vid even more. ;)
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27 March 2009 @ 06:07 pm
In one of my comments of the previous post, I misused a term and unvoluntary offended one of my LJ friends. I'm really, sincerely sorry for this, I didn't intended at all to do this.

I'd like to remind you that I'm not a native English speaker, and although I'm fluent enough to hold conversations, I make (lots of) mistakes.

So if you ever see me misuse a term, it's without a doubt unvoluntary. So please, don't be offended, and don't hesitate telling me, so I can correct myself for the future.

We can all agree it's through trial and error, that you learn to master a language. And I'm making all efforts to master them, both English and Japanese.

Thanks in advance, everyone. :)
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27 March 2009 @ 04:17 pm

The final episode of the anime has aired in Japan early morning of yesterday, heck you could be sure I haven't missed this. And this episode was a perfect closure for this EXCELLENT anime.

I enjoyed Toradora through and through, and it makes me a bit sad it's now over. I'm not a fan of anime for starters (I'm more a manga fan), so getting me to be this attached to an anime is quite a feast. So everyone, please, I urge you : get at least a look at it. I'm confident in saying that you won't be disappointed.


On another matter, I finished recently building my new team for Double Battles at Pokémon Diamond (or at least a beta of it, as I may change two of its members, depending on how the team fares). I think it's stronger than my former one, but I'm not totally sure, I need to test it against a variety of opponents.

If you're interested in battling me, please comment in this topic. :p
My FC : Sety / 3222 8035 2300 (It's my Diamond FC, BTW)

Rules :
* Double battle, 6 vs 6, Lv. 100
* OU (so no Uber, Garchomp included)
* Species Clause
* Sleep Clause
* Item Clause (AKA no two Pokemon may hold the same item, Leftovers included)
* Evasion Clause (AKA no stupid shit like Double Team, Minimize, or Bright Powder)
* OHKO moves Clause (AKA no OHKO moves whatsoever : Guillotine, Sheer Cold, Fissure and Horn Drill are forbidden)
* No Dark Void (that move is cheap, and it has the potential to violate Sleep Clause as well)

It's very probable I'll record on camera my battles with you and post them on Youtube. If you don't want me to post them, please tell me. ;)
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20 March 2009 @ 02:42 pm
To my fellow Serenes members among my LJ Friends (like TheEnd, Vincent, Manna), and frequent Serenes guests (thinking of Jyosua, notably) :

Are Serenes' board up again, or it is still on "The site will be going down again for some maintenance. This should be the last time it's going down" mode for you ?

Asking especially this, because I have a Pokémon Wi-Fi Tournament battle with Doom_Dragon_103 this week-end, and at this rate, we'll miss it, since I don't have any other way to contact him. :/

And on another note, TV Tropes is a real time-killer. It has so many and so funny contents, I love it, and yet can't finish reading it (already spent a basically FULL day, and still very far from having read everything.) O_O
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Wow, it's been about two weeks since my last update, sorry everyone :(
And during that time, quite a few things happened.

Indeed, first, on the Saturday of two weeks ago, I went to Tôkyô's Pokémon center to get the Onemuri Pikachu on my two Japanese Platinum carts, which I successfully did. :D

I also took the opportunity to take video shots of the Pokémon Center and its surrounding, and compiled them in two videos I posted on my Youtube Account. So if you want to see how it looks like, don't hesitate checking them out. ;)


Then, 3 days ago, I went to visit Shibuya district. It was an interesting visit, and I'm glad I haven't restricted myself to the train station zone, as there wasn't very interesting things to see aside from a couple music instruments shops. When exploring the district, I went to discover more lively zones, with lots of shops and amusement centers, as well as restaurants. :p

And by total chance, I discovered a Book-Off store, where I FINALLY found 2 of the last remaining games in the list of those I wanted before I went to Japan : Jikkyou Oshaberi Parodius (PS1), and Tokimeki Memorial Taisen Tokkaedama !! :D
I'll post some shots of Shibuya and of the games next week. ;)


And finally, today...

Check out this beast my Emerald cart produced :

HP : 29
ATT : 31
DEF : 27
SPA : 30
SPD : 31
SPe : 31

Hidden Power Electric 69 !!!!!

Ok, it's not a flawless HP Electric (aka 70), due to the HP IV... But this HP IV is a Life Orb magic number, so I think the trade off is worth it, since it allows me to use the Life Orb in an optimal manner, if I want attack flexibility and thus don't want to use Choice Specs. :p

And to top off this wonderfulness, as this Eevee is the child of a new Eevee father I bred after being bored of my Competitive Advance Vaporeon who only has Wish as an Egg Move, and has 31 IV in Spe Att and 30 in Spe Def, which doesn't help in getting HP Electric and HP Grass (for a max Speed HP Elecrtic and Grass, you need 30 in Spe Att and 31 in Spe Def)...

It comes with 4 Egg Moves : Wish, Curse, Tickle, and Charm ! :D


So yep, lots of happenings there. I'm back, everyone. :p
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Ok guys, my Emerald cart seems to be on steroids currently.

Yesterday, I succeeded in breeding a downright awesome HP Grass Modest Eevee...
And today, guess what ?

As today, the Battle Point Gambler at the Battle Frontier was set on Single Battle Tower, a thing I'm good at (but not as much as Double Battle Tower, where my team is very strong and plows through the opponents). Since I'm in dire need of BPs due to having used a lot of them on the past months, I paused my breeding session and went for gaining a few BPs.

I did a few rounds, then saved and shut off the game for going to eat. Later, I decided to go for some more rounds, and while I was picking up my 3 Pokés in my Box for the battles, I fortuitously checked the stats of my Dragon Dance Salamence...

... And I see the "PokéRus" marker on him.

I immediately check out all my Pokés in my boxes, and see that 3 of them are infected : Salamence, Vaporeon, and Snorlax, the EXACT three I used in my Battle Tower rounds.

Sole explanation, as I haven't used them outside of Battle Tower : one of them caught the virus during one of the Battle Tower sessions. I knew you could get PokéRus in the wild, but I sincerly didn't knew it could be gotten through the Battle Frontier attractions. O_O

Because it's the first time in my Pokémon games I get PokéRus the normal way (aka without someone trading it to me), and because now, I won't be forced to rely on Diamond to do fast EV-trainings !! ~o~
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25 February 2009 @ 08:31 am
Everyone, maybe you know that I'm currently trying to breed an awesome and powerful Hidden Power Electric Modest Eevee (with Wish as an Egg Move) ?

Well, I just got an ABSOLUTELY awesome Modest Eevee. The twist ? For ONE IV HP, I missed the Hidden Power Electric and got Hidden Power Grass instead !!!

But this Eevee still is LEAGUES better than Baldo, the very good Hidden Power Grass Eevee I distributed in Pokéwifi and Serenes Forest's Giveaways. See for yourself :

My new awesome Eevee IVs :

HP : 24
ATT : 31
DEF : 31
SPA : 30
SPD : 31
SPE : 31

Hidden Power Grass 69 !,

when Baldo's IVs were :

HP : 20
ATT : 31
DEF : 28
SPA : 30
SPD : 15
SPE : 31

Hidden Power Grass 66.

If ONLY it had one less HP IV, aka 23... It would have had Hidden Power Electric 70 ! T_T
And even if it was one more HP IV, it would have been Hidden Power Electric 69...

But I'm still ultra-happy. This Eevee is still my best Modest one BY FAR, and it's FEMALE to boot !!

And since her mother was Baldo, now I have a better chance to get the Hidden Power Electric Modest Eevee, as I can use this new Eevee as a mother instead ! :D
So not everything is lost, in fact, I'd say my chances went majorly up ! ~o~

Now I'm going to bed. I'm sleepy. :p
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24 February 2009 @ 09:43 pm
First and foremost, thanks to everyone who cheered me up. You're really nice. ~o~

Remember when I talked about the games and goods I bought recently ? :)
Well, it took a long time, but finally here are the photos of them ! ;)

First, the games :

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Now, on to the goodies.

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20 February 2009 @ 09:02 am
I hate not being able to help people. Seriously.

Several online people are currently having personnal problem (won't name them to avoid embarassing them), and I'm at a total loss of words... I can't succeed in pulling out good enough words to confort then. And I fuckin' HATE that.

Don't worry, I'm not in depressive mood myself, far from it. On the contrary, I'm currently in a too good mood to be able to fully emphazise with them, and thus being able to show them a sunnier side of life. Damn it, how I hate this situation, it's like I'm letting them down, even if I really don't want to. :(
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